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SEO Elements That A Magazine Publisher Cannot Miss

Tweet With an increasingly digital world and the changing focus on acquiring customers via the digital space, there is a growing need for publishers to be found. Adding to this trend, Content is now becoming key to disrupting the customer’s buying journey. Publishers all around the world are wanting to be found organically through search engines. This need is driving organizations to better understand how Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is going to help them being found. So what is SEO? To quote Webopedia, “Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics used to increase the number...

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Content Marketing for Law Firm in 2017 and beyond

Tweet Content Marketing for Law Firm More and more businesses are realizing that Content Marketing can give their business the competitive edge to grow further.  Content Marketing is proving to be an effective way to build thought leadership and develop a reputation within a targeted industry. If you are a lawyer, you may wonder what kind of content you should be creating. Perhaps as a lawyer, you are thinking about significant court decisions or regulations that you would like to share, that will affect the companies you’re targeting. But generally speaking, these cases and regulations would be unique in nature and would not be regular occurrences. Nor would they be applicable to all situations.  So then, what should your content be based on? It’s time for a mind shift. While Legal Blogs(as part of Content Marketing for Law Firm) are not meant to be a substitution for legal consultation, it does become a trusted source for gathering information. Lawyers must aim to draw readers to their blogs, through compelling content that may not be directly linked to a law-related topic. Such blogs should aim to provide value to readers. As a lawyer, it becomes important to keep your audience engaged and give them something to think about that could help them in their business or work. Lawyers could research more on business issues that all businesses are facing and...

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Startup Mantras for acquiring customers

Tweet Content Marketing For Startups Content Marketing is sooner or later going to become a Key function in any startup’s marketing budget to drive revenue. For those of you associated with building a startup, you know it’s a lot of hard work! It takes incredible work to fine tune your business model, months or perhaps years in developing a fantastic value proposition and building a viable business. Ok, so you’re finally at a stage when your startup is ready to be launched, what do you do next? Well, the next logical step would be to spread the word about...

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Why A Lead Magnet Is The Least Expensive Way To Generate Leads For Your Startup!

Tweet If you’re wondering what a Lead Magnet is and how it could be applied to your startup environment, be sure it’s going to be time well spent understanding it, and how you could create one that could add tremendous value to your sales funnel. But before we dive in, let’s get the basics out of the way. So what is a Lead Magnet? To put it in simple terms, a Lead magnet is a Marketing term for a free item or service that’s given away to your audience in exchange for their contact details or email addresses at...

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Is Connecting Customers through Content the Holy Grail of Digital Transformation ?

Tweet Connect Customers Via Content 19 JAN, 2017 Media News Magazines Content is King. That’s what we have been asked to believe in. Quality matters. Or does it? If better was enough, then why are Media companies facing total disruption. What is really the Holy Grail of Digital Transformation for Media companies ? Our Research at WiselyWise across Digital Trends has shown that the answers truly are all around us. Look closely at successful Media companies, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, The Wirecutter, Refinery 29 – and Content Giants – Facebook, Twitter, Google. They have focussed on Content as the Product,...

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