Did you know that there actually are feline holidays in the calendar year, peeking around for you to catch a glimpse?  Well, I thought, holidays for humans were not enough, but then talking about holidays for felines, do they really exist? Now that got me to do a bit of research, and I sure was surprised to find so many special days for our little fluffy friends driven by the special relationship, shared between humans and cats.

There’s a National Cat Day and Happy Mew Year Day for Cats. The growing compassion that is synonymous with cats is leading to celebration days like National Feral Cat Day. As you cat lovers know, cats have their nose up in the air and demand a lot of respect. So now there’s a Respect Your Cat Day too! In fact, the folks at National Today, claim that the source of the holiday dates back to a 1384 edict by Richard II of England, forbidding the consumption of cats.

Another interesting find based on a survey stated, 64 percent of Americans allegedly prefer their cat’s company to their significant other. That’s really interesting, isn’t it?

So here’s a funny peak into what cat lovers may be thinking about perhaps?

If you’re crazy about your silky kitty and love to shower her with gifts and verbal compliments, there are a few things you should be aware of. Come to think about it, cats do not understand English, and in fact, may choose to ignore their owner’s calls. Did you know that cats have super sensitive hearing, and may not like the loud voice of their owners especially in a room? I’m sure you didn’t think of that right? So make sure you speak to her in a soft soothing tone to get her to reciprocate to you. If you’re the kind that loves to squeeze your cat and cuddle her in a tight hug, be sure to take note that some cats are very sensitive to a lot of things, and may hate the smell of the perfumes that we wear or are allergic to human dandruff. Another aspect of a cat’s personality you must consider is your cat’s need for solitude and not being constantly hugged and squeezed.

So while you adore your little buddy, remember that you don’t frighten, or annoy your cat. Cats are indeed sensitive creatures, so shower her gently with your love!