Thinking of Adopting your favorite kitty? That’s an awesome thought! But while you may have the best intentions to give your adorable pet the best home ever, you do have a responsibility to be prepared while bringing home a pet.

Getting your home ready for a new pet:

Cats are very sensitive, and may be even more sensitive and scared in new surroundings. You may find your kitty hiding under the bed or the dining table for days, or refusing to eat. Now that would be an experience you wouldn’t want right? You can avoid such pitfalls by taking steps to ensure your kitty feels at home from the first day.

To begin with, decide on a cozy corner of your home, where your new pet can spend a few days to familiarize herself with the new surroundings. Remember, cats are territorial by nature, and designating a place only for her would be a good idea. Make sure to stock up with cat goodies like cat food, toys, a bed and a litter box. You could fill the litter box with some litter and keep it in a place where your kitty can use it when required.

Keep a designated area for the water bowls and food, but make sure to keep it away from the litter box. You would know that cats love to move in and out of small places, so you might try to replicate that comfort by getting a covered cat bed.

You may have noticed that cats love to scratch. All those sharp claws are capable of ruining your favorite sofa or tearing your curtains. Now how can you take care of that? Pretty simple, with a little preplanning, you can provide your kitty an acceptable place to exhibit her natural behavior, without ruining your home. In fact, that place could be some kind of corrugated cardboard, or it could even be something stylish, that goes with your home décor too. Maybe a tall pole that looks like a cactus? Click here for some more stylish ideas.

Cats love to climb up and down from anywhere, so be sure to redesign your home interiors. You can be pretty sure that your kitty would climb up your display cabinets, or even your kitchen cabinets for that matter. It would be a good idea for you to take care that there are no expensive décor pieces kept on display.

Bringing home your adopted cat:

So finally, the day of getting your adopted kitty home is close by. It would be advisable that you do set a few ground rules for how your family members would need to communicate with the new kitty. You wouldn’t want to startle your kitty now, would you? If you are bringing an adopted kitty home, then bring her preferably in a cat carrier.

Once your little kitty is home, give her time to adjust to her new surroundings. Don’t force her to meet with all the family members. Keep in mind that she may be very frightened and would prefer to be in her cozy covered bed, and not wanting to meet you. Some adopted cats may also not eat too well initially, so try giving her the same food that she is used to eating at her shelter or foster home. But of course, if she completely stops eating and drinking, then you should take advice from a vet.

In weeks to come, your kitty will start getting familiar with the environment, and you. All you need is a little patience and you’ll have the best companion of your life.